Emma Neuberg exhibits four wall pieces in the Detours show, part of the AA2A project with Chelsea College of Art, alongside Laura Braun, Jonathan Gildersleeves, Danny Greaney, Nick Hornby, Carolyn Lefley, Kate Lyddon, Ryan McClelland, Tom Smith, Laura Taylor and Willem Weismann.  The show was curated by Grazyna Dobrzanska-Redrup, Courtney Griffiths, James Harper and Daisy McMullan and ran at Wimbledon Space, 3rd May – 25th May 2012.  Emma’s four triptychs, seen back towards the corner, opposite her animation monitor, are Undergrowth, RiverbankRock and Rose. Each one is silk, polyester and wood, measuring 117cm x 66cm, 2012.

Photo credit: Daisy McMullan