In preparation for her Artist’s Talk at 2017 London Festival of Architecture’s event Letters Markers, curated by Neringa Dastoor, Neuberg has been collating old photos of herself at work.

The London Festival of Architecture’s theme is memory and, looking at this image, Neuberg says,”the process of time converging on the marked paper is tangible, where the past and present meet in the landscape of the mind and place…the touch of the hand in fine chalk pastel reveals the artist’s neurology as it makes new connections in this curative, tactile process.”

The photo shows her working on a triptych in 2008 in Greece where she spent her childhood. This was taken at her former step-mother, Florica Kyriacopoulos’ house in Nafplio not far from the Fougaro Art Center that she founded and directs. The hills surrounding Nafplio are in the ancient landscape of Argolis where Agamemnon was king and, in the photo, Neuberg captures the atmosphere of this timeless, ancient valley at dusk.