Emma Neuberg’s Drapes, measuring 10m x 6m x 3.5m, seen here in its first iteration at Plymouth Gallery is a collection of drawings that has been reconfigured and placed into geometric repeating patterns and printed on twenty canvases for exhibition in a forest-like cuboid.

First commissioned by curator Hannah Rose at Plymouth Gallery, Neuberg wanted to show how tapestry can be developed into immersive formal structures that transpose drawings into sculpture.

Neuberg’s drawings are called Grid Drawings or Activating Paintings, depending on date of execution, and they convey the concept of ‘the thwarted voice’ and how this appears formally to the artist. The process and backstory are complex and afford an on-going timeline for future iterations, modules and permutations.

The version show here was installed 10th January – 23rd February 2016 at Plymouth Gallery, UK.

Photo credit: Sarah Packer