Emma Neuberg’s Cloud Buds artwork inspired by Chelsea Space’s exhibition ‘The Democratic Dish: Minton’s Successionist Ware’ and talk, Collecting, Making and the Place of Ceramics in Art & Society Today, has been chosen by Grayson Perry RA, Turner Prize Winner and UAL Chancellor, Donald Smith, Director of Chelsea Space, Amy Jayne Hughes, ceramics artist and Cherie Silver, Programme Curator at Chelsea Space, for their exciting new public project, The Democratic Dish.

The selected artwork (pictured) is one of several designs that the artist created in response to the private collection of Alessandra and Simon Wilson, (art historian and former Curator of Interpretation at Tate) that was on show at Chelsea Space, London, in October 2018. The effects of Art Nouveau, Belle Epoque, Japonerie, watercolour-like slipware and pastoral landscapes all inspired Neuberg’s designs and converge to bring a contemporary twist to the original Minton’s Successionist Ware.

Cloud Buds by Emma Neuberg (initial drawing for final design, Copyright 2018)

Cloud Buds, original drawing before reworking for the final design, Emma Neuberg (copyright 2018; all rights reserved).

Neuberg submitted two designs, Cloud Buds and Blooms Blur, inspired by two original pots illustrated in Mintons’ 1901 catalogue and listed as Pot Numbers “12 Design” and “15 Design.”

Emma Neuberg (L) Cherie Silver (M) Ella Rose Caton (R) in the Ceramics Studio at Chelsea College_The Democratic Dish 2018

Three of the four finalists spent a day in the ceramics studio at Chelsea College with curator and judges, Cherie Silver and Amy Jayne Hughes, learning to apply the decals in The Democratic Dish’s “Transfer Project.” 

Emma Neuberg_plate_photo by Cherie Silver

Emma Neuberg’s winning design on show at Chelsea Cafe. Photo credit: Cherie Silver

Neuberg’s final design on show at Chelsea Cafe November 27th 2018 – 14th January 2019. Several were created for the private collections of the judges and the UAL Chelsea Space archives.

Read more about the project at Chelsea Space.