Emma Neuberg’s latest iteration of Drapes called, simply, Drape, showed at Craft Central UK, in East London, in January – February 2019. The work was the largest iteration of the tapestry piece to date measuring 68 feet (20 metres) long and 13 feet (6 metres) high. Each block of printed canvas receded into the steely depths of the new, post-industrial exhibition space called The Forge, a former ship-builder’s yard.

The show was called Emma Neuberg: Memory of Colour and presented a selection of pastel drawings, oil paintings and tapestries from 2014 to 2018. All address the artist’s personal dialogue with abuse and imaginative escape and aim to navigate the subsequent intrapsychic terrain by transforming insights and effects into visual form, new environments and transporting narratives.

The large pastel drawings showed the currency of the artist’s work with spontaneous gestural motion, internal dialogue and memory to arrive at rooted and spectacular ‘grid drawings’, oil paintings and tapestry. The combination of Neuberg’s creative sources coupled with a fervent command over materials resulted in one of her most accomplished exhibitions to date.

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Photo credit: C. Schek