We’re excited to announce that Emma Neuberg’s latest solo show opens Summer 2018 at Aldgate Tower in East London, UK. Curated by Saff Williams at the Acrylicize Agency, the work is designed to fill a stunning glass and steel reception with joy, peace and color.

Originally commissioned by Plymouth Gallery to create a weighted fabric volume full of largesse, loss and potency, here Drapes is reconfigured to hang above the viewer signalling the original weight and closeness of the piece with new, heightened levity. The result is a powerful sign of nature, color and feeling in a modernist, minimal city space.

Curator Saff Williams writes:

“Drapes is an immersive forest of twenty fabric folds patterned with brightly bold and textured foliage, bringing the outside world in. Totems to the natural world, this installation subtly breathes in the space as the geometric artworks softly flutter in the breeze and move the viewer’s eye from the artworks’ surface to their abstracted depths.”

The space is owned by Brookfield and the viewers enjoying it are from WeWork and the surrounding community with Whitechapel Gallery across the road.

For information and further details, please contact the studio.

Photo credits: N.Haval and C.Schek