We’re delighted to announce that Emma Neuberg has been generously awarded a Lincoln City Fellowship for the development of a new, large-scale artwork. The work will be an immersive piece printed on paper for a total work of art environment for a museum setting.

With the working title Metabolizing Abuse, it promises to bring awe-inspiring repeating pattern art to new audiences in Los Angeles, Southern California.

The Speranza Foundation specializes in supporting artists who prioritize hope and positive social change. They offer an unique and supportive residency for artists of all disciplines concerned with exploring narratives that bring transformational art, music, performance and film to society and culture.

Neuberg is delighted to be working with fellow artists Gina Angelone, Sky Avakian, Josh Aviner, Quenna Barrett, Hagop Belian, Jens Bjornkaer & Katherine Mills Rymer, Patrick Burns, Debi Cornwall, Nina Elder, Jason Harrod, Molly Jenson, Alia Kache, Alison O’Daniel, Andres Ospina, Linda Otzenberger, Paul Outlaw, Aaron Rothman, Emily Sernaker, Ben Stamper, Josh Stamper, Vesper Stamper and Adam Sjoberg in visual art, performance, music, video and film.

Neuberg’s work continues to address the theme of the thwarted voice with a focus on the cultural consequences of abusive behaviors.

For information and further details, please contact the studio.