We’re excited to present Emma Neuberg’s latest iteration of Drapes at Craft Central UK, in East London, in 2019. The work is the largest iteration of the tapestry piece to date measuring 68 feet (20m) long and 13 feet (6m) high. Each block of canvas recedes into the steely depths of the impressive, post-industrial space, The Forge, a renovated Victorian ship-building yard.

The show is called Emma Neuberg: Memory of Colour and presents a selection of paintings and tapestries dating 2014 to 2018. The works address the artist’s dialogue with oppression and imaginative escape.

The pastel paintings show the rich currency of the artist’s work with gestural motion arriving at foundational works that go on to inspire the large-scale tapestries. The combination of Neuberg’s original creative sources with her command over materials results in an accomplished body of work for all to enjoy.

For information and details, please contact the studio.

Photo credit: C. Schek