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Emma Neuberg’s work is about syzygy, forces of nature and empowerment. The work is a means through which to see, focus and observe the dynamics and constellations of the human condition.  Natural and imagined landscapes overlap and are abstracted into areas of painted and printed compositions that interplay for harmony, dissonance and visibility.  Starting on a painterly scale, her works grow to large-scale installations through a process of narrative and transformative materiality.

Her first exhibition was in 1994 with  Ben Nicholson, Winifred Nicholson, EQ Nicholson, Tim Nicholson, Jake Nicholson and Kaffe Fassett, in Artists As Rugmakers, curated by Tim Nicholson.  Her most recent exhibition was a solo show at Plymouth Gallery, curated by Hannah Jones, in 2016.

Emma trained at the Royal College of Art, London, graduating in 2000. She has won several awards and, in November 2016, was described as ‘one to watch’ by the The Observer Magazine.

For information and further details, please contact the studio here.

If you’re looking for Neuberg’s commercial textile design service (and insight into how her practices overlap), please go here.