Emma Neuberg stands in front of Orange Swirl at The Forge, London, 2019


British-French artist Emma Neuberg graduated from the Fashion & Textiles Department of the internationally renowned Royal College of Art, London, in 2000 with a practice-based PhD in Techniques for Printing Synthetics. She has worked with printing technologies, pigments and colour ever since, working on her own pieces and collaborating with established and emerging names in the art and design industry. Her studio features as the backdrop for the HBO/BBC series Civilizations (a remake of Kenneth Clarke’s original) for its colour section presented by Philip Ball author of Bright Earth: Art and the Invention of Colour.

Neuberg has won several prestigious awards from TechTextil (Germany), The Textile Institute (UK) and NESTA (UK) for her innovations with colour, colour application and materials and in 2016 was named as one of Britain’s “New Fabric Designers” by The Observer Magazine and The Guardian.

The scale and dynamism in her work is exclusive and is down to her formative training in sculpture and European Art History and an eventful childhood in Greece, England and France. Her work is about syzygetic forces and their elemental pulls. Blocks of colour are dragged and pushed across paper and canvas in abstractions that merge, clash and blend. Imagined and recalled landscapes overlap in layers of oil, pigment and ink and scale-up into large canvases and structural installations.

Her most recent exhibition was a solo show at The Forge, East London, 2019,  for Craft Central UK and her first group show was Artists as Rugmakers with Ben Nicholson, Winifred Nicholson, EQ Nicholson and Tim Nicholson (1994).

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Photo credit: Cristina Schek