EMMA NEUBERG: Solo Show, Plymouth Gallery, 2016

Plymouth Gallery celebrates the first installation of Drapes, measuring 11.5 x 13 x 16 feet (3.5m x 4m x 5m), in its latest series of exhibitions celebrating artists who work with fabric and texture. Commissioned by…

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EMMA NEUBERG: Pastels, Tapestry & Animation, Plymouth Gallery, 2016

Emma Neuberg’s solo show at Plymouth Gallery (at the University of Plymouth, UK) presented an impressive range of work based on geometry, grid formations, symmetry and repeats. Geometric structures inform her work in creating abstract patterns that follow and challenge formal symmetry…

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In preparation for her Artist’s Talk at 2017 London Festival of Architecture’s event Letters Markers, curated by Neringa Dastoor, Neuberg has been collating old photos of herself at work.

The London Festival of Architecture’s theme is memory and, looking at this image, Neuberg says,”the process of time converging on the marked paper is tangible, where the past and present meet in the landscape of the mind and place…the touch of the hand in fine chalk pastel reveals the artist’s neurology as it makes new connections in this curative, tactile process”…

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EMMA NEUBERG: Timebends Artist’s Talk at London Festival of Architecture

Emma Neuberg talks about her work in the context of ‘memory’ at this year’s London Festival of Architecture on 11th June 2017 at 1pm at the iconic Cass Art Islington, 66-67 Colebrooke Row, London N1 8AB.

The Artist’s Talk is part of Lithuanian artist Neringa Dastoor’s project Letters & Markers that focuses on the relationship of textile mark-making and urban memory.

Each year, the London Festival of Architecture sets a theme for their events and this year focuses on memory created through public and private space.

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EMMA NEUBERG: Shadow Fabric Artist’s Talk

Emma Neuberg gives her Shadow Fabric Artist’s Talk to a full house at Plymouth College of Art & Design…

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V&A Museum Features Emma Neuberg

The Director of Digital Programmes at the V&A Museum, Alex Flowers, interviews Emma Neuberg about her evocative animated artworks for the V&A online. Since 1992, when Neuberg worked in Prague with the crew of Jan Svankmajer…

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V&A Education Feature Emma Neuberg in Samsung & Autodesk Collaboration

Emma Neuberg delivers a successful V&A Museum collaboration with Samsung and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro in the world-renowned Clore Gallery. Delivering a successful experience for the V&A Family Art Fun Programme…

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Emma Neuberg’s animations are favoured by online media due to their engaging light and colour movement. Forest, seen here, was used to promote The Geometrics: Volume 2 exhibition online in June – July 2014. Image by the artist, copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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Following a trip to Mexico in Spring 2014, Emma created several new pieces inspired by the light and colour she saw in the southwest of the country.  This image is a detail of Oaxaca, a silkscreen print with pastel and gold on paper and linen, measuring 76cm x 56cm x 2cm, 2014. Image by the artist, copyright 2014.…

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