Intrepid Landscape Through the Trees

Virtual Mini Show, April – May 2021

Intrepid Landscape Through the Trees opens Emma’s new Virtual Mini Show where she curates select works for this new, mini mignon series and combines their titles to form new stories.

In April – May 2021, I’m excited to present two works that speak to me of same story, different time. The earlier story, seen in Intrepid Landscape, (2015), below left, conveys an overgrown psychic landscape that seeks measure, lucidity and balance. The latter, Through the Trees, (2020), appears more joyous and vibrant yet the imbalance shows more movement, irregularity and dynamic shape-shifting. Pablo Picasso once described his paintings as a form of journal and it’s interesting to see how humans continue describe the evolving psyche in color and paint.

Curare in Latin means to have spiritual charge of and take care of. Cure and curate share the stem. The artist knows the curative effects of making art and here in Emma’s Virtual Mini Shows, we’re curating the stories that flow over the years of art-making to illuminate and share the gift of art for everyone to enjoy.


Splendid Speechless F**k, February – March 2021