Emma Neuberg is in the group show, Well-Fashioned: Eco Style in the UK, curated by Rebecca Earley, exhibiting alongside Benjamin Shine, Alison Willoughby, Gracie Burnett, Edson Raupp, Kate Fletcher, Kate Goldsworthy, Rebecca Earley, Barbara Lee, Helen Amy Murray and brands, Ciel,  Enamore, Howies, Junky Styling, Beyond Skin, Juste, Keep & Share, OsvoMode, Red Mutha, Sari, Terra Plana, Ting and Worn Again.

Emma shows several garments and samples using her eco materials experiments that originated at University of Brighton and Royal College of Art.  She focusses on polyethelene vinyl acetate that she foils and flocks with watercolour effects. Samples similar to that pictured were included in the show, the last exhibition to take place at the Crafts Council Gallery, Pentonville Road, London, in 2006.

The show ran 22nd March to 4 June 2006.