Emma Neuberg’s solo show at Plymouth Gallery presents a range of new works based on grid formations and repeating patterns. Underlying geometric structures inform her work in creating abstract patterns that challenge formal geometry.

The new works were commissioned by curator Hannah Rose following her interest in Neuberg’s creation of The Geometrics, an European art collective that Neuberg brought together in order to create a new form of visual music. Inspired by the work of musicians who specialize in improvisation, Neuberg worked with similar ideas with the collective artists from 2013 to 2014. Some of the outcomes and developments of this process were shown in this exhibition.

For Neuberg, geometric forms offer a visual building block through which to express searching and examining where the individual is at in their being, identity and psyche.

The show, curated by Hannah Rose, ran 10th January – 23rd February 2016 at Plymouth Gallery, Plymouth College of Art, UK.

Photo credits: Sarah Packer.