We’re thrilled that after a productive time on the Artist Residency Summer Program in the MFA faculty, under the tutelage of Meg Cranston and talented fellow residents at Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles, Emma Neuberg has produced a new series of ‘painting sculptures’ in acrylic and oil.

Neuberg’s Otis AiR ‘painting sculptures’ were developed under the working title Postwar Fragmentation & Integration and focus on the interplay of neurological memory, color and form.

Neuberg shared a studio with North and South American artists Carolina Hicks, Suwichada Busamrong-Press, Jasmine Monsegue, Sophia Sobers, Steven Pestana, Leah Busby and Daniel Casellanos who helped create ‘an exceptional year!’

For further details, please contact the studio.

Pictured: Intrapsychic 1.